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At cooking classes, I’m always looking for the thing that I can’t get on my own, and (like most home cooks) I lack the research and science background you bring to know what really are good choices. So, your thoughts on whole eggs vs. egg whites and your mention of the olive oil investigation are little gems that I can take away and actually incorporate back into my own cooking and shopping. In a moment of so many fad diets, some sensibility and backed science are a breath of fresh air.

- Carlie L.

I think this is an amazing experience.  It is fun and it is quite social. I love the fact that the foods are delicious but low in fat, oil, sugars, and other things that we are so accustomed to eating but unable to figure out on our own how to eliminate or reduce. 

- Sean Morris

I learned so much from the demonstration and it was a very enlightening and positive experience for the both of us. We could not stop talking about how wonderful it was. I would love to come back again with just my mom, sisters or all of us together! 

- Melissa O.




- Kana


- Yoko




- 貴久子