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What People are Saying:

At cooking classes, I’m always looking for the thing that I can’t get on my own, and (like most home cooks) I lack the research and science background you bring to know what really are good choices. So, your thoughts on whole eggs vs. egg whites and your mention of the olive oil investigation are little gems that I can take away and actually incorporate back into my own cooking and shopping. In a moment of so many fad diets, some sensibility and backed science are a breath of fresh air.

- Carlie L.

I learned so much from the demonstration and it was a very enlightening and positive experience for the both of us. We could not stop talking about how wonderful it was. I would love to come back again with just my mom, sisters or all of us together! 

- Melissa O.

For tasty and healthy recipes you'll want to make for yourself and share with others, Lisa provides that balance served in a welcoming setting with one of the most breathtaking views of Waikiki and Diamond Head. The Japanese meal was a big hit with my family and so easy! Buying the ingredients was also easy because Lisa tells you where to source all the items so you're not running all over town. The best part is you'll want to make the recipes because they aren't fussy, and I feel good about cooking healthy food to share with family. Can't wait to take her other classes!

- Mimi C.

We felt very welcomed from the moment we stepped into Lisa's home, which felt like a private high-end restaurant itself. The views captured our attention as it overlooked the city and ocean (so beautiful!). If you're not a big cook like myself (I'm a three to five ingredient type of cook), this is a perfect class because it doesn't feel like you're doing too much kitchen work yet you get to reap the benefits of multi-dishes with so many different ingredients. And, the food is delicious! Along the way, she also gives you tips on cooking and quick interesting lessons on food. She grocery shops right before your class so the ingredients are fresh (& healthy/clean).
I am so grateful for this experience that not only turned into a daytime date with my fiancé, but more so because Lisa catered to my very specific allergies and food sensitivities. Prior to the class, we were able to email and talk about my food restrictions in order to customize a menu for us! She created or tailored all the recipes to ones that I could eat. I loved the butternut squash and carrot soup topped with hazelnuts. A plus, we didn't feel rushed throughout the cooking and were able to enjoy each step of the way.

- Candice Z.

Lisa was so amazing! She explained everything she was doing as well as why she choose certain ingredients and ways of preparing the dish.  Everything was very clean and safe.  The food was so delicious and I can't wait to try it at home!! I will definitely go back for more!  It was a great experience overall!!!

- Rayna H.

I think this is an amazing experience.  It is fun and it is quite social. I love the fact that the foods are delicious but low in fat, oil, sugars, and other things that we are so accustomed to eating but unable to figure out on our own how to eliminate or reduce. 

- Sean M.




- Kana


- Yoko




- 貴久子

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